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Our Quality Policy

Anadolu Elektrik; In line with its vision, using developing and up-to-date technologies, Easy to purchase, usable and reliable products quality policy
Offer to customers after sale in a way to meet customer expectations in the direction of the customer.

Briefly Quality Understanding:

- Working with leading brands in the industry,
- Following technological developments,
- Making the necessary investments,
- Keeping customer expectations in the foreground,
- Manufactures in accordance with the standards,
- Developing suppliers constantly,
- Keeping customer expectations in the foreground,
- continuously improve the efficiency of the quality management system and To be a company that achieves its quality goals.


V: Voltage A: Amper
AC: Alternative Current
DC: Direct Current
~: Alternative Current
IP: Indicates that it is protected against solid objects and water.
IP 40: shows wire and similar solid pieces larger than Ø1 mm and protected against splashing water.
AX: Fluorescent lamps indicate that they have passed the relevant experiment.

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